Lisa's Tutoring Corner


Welcome to Lisa's Tutoring Corner! I offer both one-on-one and group tutoring for K-12, college students and adult learners in a variety of subjects, including chemistry, computer science/programming, biology, and math. I specialize in these areas, but I am always happy to help with other subjects too. Whether you prefer individual attention or the dynamic of a group setting, I am here to provide personalized support to help you achieve your academic goals and boost your confidence in your studies. Let's work together to unlock your full potential!

My Approach

I strongly believe that every student has a unique learning style, and it's crucial to study with an approach that suits them best. That's why I work closely with my students to figure out what works for them.

I've seen firsthand the difference that an approach tailored to an individual's learning style can make. That's why I like to use analogies to explain complex concepts in simpler terms and keep my sessions highly interactive. I mix short crash course-style lectures with check-your-understanding questions to ensure that my students have a solid understanding of the material.

I firmly believe that good grades are a result of truly understanding the underlying concepts, not just memorizing information. My focus is always on helping my students gain a deep understanding of the concepts they're working with. Once my students have a solid understanding of the material, I can also help them develop effective exam strategies.

At Lisa's Tutoring Corner, my goal is to equip my students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their academic pursuits, not just for one exam but for their entire academic career.

Try Some Practice

Taking AP CS? Looking for a fun and easy way to stay on top of your studies? Check out my daily short questions! I create and post these questions every day to help my students build their knowledge and skills through daily practice.

These questions are a great way to keep your mind sharp and focused on your studies. Plus, by checking out the solutions that I provide, you can gain a better understanding of the material and see how I approach different types of questions.